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Cold Hours Requirement:
Needs Average Amount of Peony Cold Hours to Bloom, signifies that this specific peony variety requires a typical amount of cold weather exposure (chill hours) to bloom successfully.

Important Note:
Please Soak and Plant on the Same Day

Root Information:
Each Packet Contains 1 Peony Root
Size: 3-5 Eyes
Imported from Holland

Please be informed that a printed peony care guide will be included with every order. This guide provides essential instructions to ensure the health and vitality of your peonies. 

Feel free to refer to it for any questions or concerns about caring for your peonies. 

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Climate Considerations for Peonies:
Ideal Conditions: Peonies thrive in regions with prolonged, harsh winters. They are resilient to sub-zero temperatures, snow, and frost. Optimal growth occurs in temperatures ranging between 2°C and 5°C for a duration of 30 to 60 days during winter.

Blooming in Warmer Climates: Mid to late-season blooming varieties may survive in warmer climates, but they may not produce as abundant or reliable blooms. For warmer areas, it is advisable to select early flowering varieties that require fewer cold units.

Natural Dormancy Process: As winter approaches, the leaves and stems of peonies naturally wither and die back. The leaves will progressively deteriorate, and the stems will eventually drop to the ground, becoming soft and mushy. This is a normal part of the peony's annual life cycle.

Herbaceous Peonies: These varieties have tender stems and naturally die back in the autumn, only to reemerge in the spring. Trimming away the dead stems in the fall helps prevent pests and diseases and keeps the garden neat and organized.

Geographical Suitability in Southern Africa: Peonies flourish in regions characterized by cold winters, such as the Highveld, eastern Free State, KZN Midlands, and higher inland areas of the Western Cape in Southern Africa.

Planting and Location:
Plant your peony roots as soon as you receive them to prevent drying out.
Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil and good air circulation.
Peonies thrive in neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Plant Depth:
Plant peony roots with the eyes no more than 3-5cm below the soil surface.
Avoid planting too deep, as it may affect flowering.

Soil Enrichment:
Plant in fertile soil enriched with garden compost or well-rotted manure.
Peonies adapt to various soils, including clay, if well-drained.

Soaking Bare Roots:
If roots are dry upon arrival, soak them in water for 2 to 4 hours before planting.

Water newly planted peonies immediately to settle the soil around the roots.
During spring, natural moisture is usually sufficient. Water every two weeks in dry spells.

Use a fertilizer formulated for bulb plants, with ratios like 10-20-20 or 5-10-10.

Blooming Timeline:
Peonies take 3 - 4 years to fully bloom. Initial growth focuses on root development.

Much like children, young peonies need time to grow, flourish, and bloom. It's a process that requires a little patience, but the results are truly worth it. Here's what you can expect:

Developmental Timeline: Typically, peonies take a few years to establish themselves, to bloom, and to grow into their full splendour.

Blossoming Seasons: Peonies grace us with their beauty from late Spring through early Summer. The exact timing depends on the specific variety you're cultivating. We offer a range of peonies with varying bloom times – early, midseason, and late – allowing you to extend your peony season. If you're uncertain about whether your area experiences cold winters, opting for earlier flowering varieties is a wise choice.

First-Year Expectations: In their inaugural year, most peony plants will produce 1-2 magnificent blooms. It's a modest beginning, but it sets the stage for what's to come.

Growth and Flower Production: With each passing year, your peony plant will double in size, and so will its flowering capacity. From a mature plant, anticipate a bountiful yield of anywhere between 6 to 18 exquisite flowers.

Growth Progression:
Expect increased size and stems each year until about the 6th year.

Dormancy and Blooming:
Peonies require a cold period (winter) to break dormancy and bloom in the following season.

Annual Pruning:
Cut plants to the ground in early autumn or after the first frost to remove diseases and prepare for next year's growth.

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