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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please only plant from March till May 


DAYS TO FLOWER: 120 -140 days


PLANTING TIME: March till first week June

SOIL PREPARATION: Prepare your grow bed by adding lots of compost and working in a slow release fertilizer suitable for flowers, such as 5.1.5 (SR) SR = Slow Release, that is available for purchase on our web shop.

HOW TO GERMINATE AND PLANT: Before planting, soak the corms for 6-8 hours in room temperature water.  Let the water drip/run slightly on the container in which your corms are in to supply oxygen to corms.  If you have a large amount of corms, place it in a bucket and use a fish pump at the bottom of the bucket to blow oxygen through the corms.
After soaking, the corms must be planted directly in the soil, covering the corms with only 1-2cm of soil. (If you plant to deep it will struggle to come up). The spacing between corms must be 15-20cm.  Once planted soak the area with water making sure it penetrates to 30cm deep.
Please keep soil moist, not wet, at ALL times till you see germination after 2-4 weeks. This is very important for germination success. If you let it dry out for long stretches, your germination will not be very successful.

WATERING WHILE IN GROWTH PHASE: Keep your soil moist and they will flourish.
FERTILIZER: It is recommended to purchase our fertilizer along with your corms for good growth. The fertilizer is a Slow Release Fertilizer where one application lasts 8 months. See all details of the fertilizer under the product description when shopping.

A how to guide will be included in the package of your corms.

Important Notice
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