Magical Early Blue


Introducing our Magical Hydrangea Early Blue – a garden treasure that enchants with its captivating hues and early blooms. Immerse yourself in the allure of this extraordinary hydrangea variety, where each blossom unfolds in a symphony of early blue shades, bringing a burst of colour to your outdoor sanctuary. Be captivated by the early beauty of the Magical Hydrangea in shades of blue. This garden gem boasts blooms that emerge ahead of the season, creating a stunning display of vibrant blue hues that add a touch of magic to your landscape.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dormant Hydrangeas will be sent mid-January – mid February 2024.
Dear Valued Customer

Exciting news! Preorders are now open for our exquisite Anemone, Peony Roots & Ranunculus. Shipments are scheduled to commence between Mid-January and Mid-February 2024, allowing you to secure these coveted blooms ahead of time.

As soon as your order is ready to leave the farm, we will promptly share the Courier Guy tracking details, ensuring you're informed every step of the way. Please take note that if you add Seeds and Hydrangeas to your order, they will also be dispatched between the above-mentioned dates.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, we kindly request that you notify us if you anticipate being unavailable to receive your parcel during that period. Please communicate your preferred delivery date via email to Marisa at Alternatively, you may send her a WhatsApp message at 074 228 2444, including your Order Number | ID along with the confirmed delivery date.Your cooperation in providing this information will greatly assist us in making the necessary arrangements to accommodate your schedule. 

Thank you for choosing Adene's Flowers—we look forward to bringing the beauty of these blooms to your doorstep.