Amandine Picotee Ranunculus

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Days to flower: 140 days Light preference: Full sun Planting time: April - May Prepare your grow bed by adding lots of manure and working in a slow-release fertilizer suitable for flowers. How to germinate and plant:  Before planting, soak corms for 4 hours in water. Let the water drip/run slightly on the container in which your corms are to supply oxygen to corms. If you have a large number of corms, place it in a bucket and use a fish pump at the bottom of the bucket to blow oxygen through the corms. After soaking, the corms can be planted directly in the soil, 5cm deep, the sharp point facing down. Giving them 15cm or more space. Once planted soak the area with water, water deep and well. Aftercare:  Keep soil moist but not wet, make sure it dries out before giving water again. Add more fertilizer if needed. 12 corms per packet