Dahlia - Beatrice


We will ship the tubers out 1 – 17 September. If you order tubers with your seed and commerce purchases, they will be shipped together with your tubers in September.


She is everything one can hope for in a dahlia and more. Big, strong and beautiful plant shooting up beautiful, bright orange balls right through the season.


Type: Ball dahlia

Flower colour: Orange

Flower size: 8 cm

Plant height: 90cm

Site: Full sun – more than 6 hours per day

Plant spacing: 40cm


We will ship the tubers out 1 – 17 September.



With every dahlia purchase from Adene’s farm flowers you will receive an information page with full instructions on how to grow dahlias.

PLANTING TIME: September till beginning of December. (Gauteng – end September, Western Cape- end September) The night temperature must be above 10 degrees Celsius.
SUN: Plant in full sun or more than 6 hours of directly sunlight a day.
PLANTING DEPTH: Plant your tuber horizontally lying down and cover with 5cm of soil.
WATERING: When planting, plant in moist soil.  Don’t keep in overly wet soil and also not in bone dry soil. The soil must always stay moist.  When green leaves emerge from the soil you can start watering more regularly.


Plant in a 10cm deep hole with 5cm soil covering the dahlia.

Plant in cold areas only when the night temperature is above 10 degrees.



“We supply you with our Dahlia tubers, dahlia plants and hydrangea plants on condition that it is for private and personal use only. By law you are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes, such as the resale thereof, or propagating the same for sale or provision to third parties, neither may you allow any third party to use the same for commercial purposes as aforementioned.”   If you have any questions, please contact us.