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Dahlia Plant - Dazzling Magic


This Dahlia produces blooms you could bask in - huge, petal-packed and fiery. Opening from large buds, heavily carmine in colour at first before unfurling more and more petals which become increasingly gold flushed with age.

A bicolour beauty. 


Type: Dinnerplate dahlia

Flower colour: Orange bicolour

Flower size: 20cm

Plant height: 120cm

Site: Full sun – more than 6 hours per day

Plant spacing: 50cm

Plant time: Once the plants arrive, plant immediately

Sun: Plant in full sun or more than 6 hours of directly sunlight a day.

Watering: Water daily for 30 days to ensure the roots remain moist. Never let the small plant dry out - it wont recover. 

Fertilizer: Compost heavily

Plants will arrive in a sepcially desigined box to safetly transport your purchase.