Germination Kit

Germination Kit

Included in this box is everything you will need to start your plants from seed, right up to when you plant them in your garden. Box contents as follows:

•    2 X 45 Cell seedling trays for seed starting
•    12 X Wooden Markers to identify your seedlings
•    2 X Germination medium to germinate your seedlings
•    1 X Young Plant fertiliser

Break up the germination brick and rub it between your hands to make it finer.
Wet the medium and pour it into the germination tray evenly - do not press it down as this will compact the medium which affects the germination of the seed.
Once all holes in the germination tray are full, you can shake the tray so that the medium evenly falls into place in the tray. 
Sweep excess medium off the top of the tray. 
The depth of the hole you make for the seeds to germinate is dependent on the size of the seed – a good indication to go by is that the hole should not be deeper than the size of the seed. 
Once you have planted the seeds, make sure that the medium never goes dry. It needs to remain moist. In Summer or warmer months and days, you can water your seeds up to 4 times per day to ensure they never get dry. 
Once the seeds have germinated, you can water them 1-3 times per day, depending on the temperature (the warmer the weather, the more water you will need to give the seedlings).
Once the 3rd leaf of the seedling is visible, you can start giving the plant ‘Young Plant Fertilizer’. Mix 1 teaspoon into 10 Litres of water in a watering can. Water daily using this fertilizer mix. 
For a quick and easy way to germinate your seeds, you can also visit this You Tube link:


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