Hygrangea Plant - Amethyst


Magical Amethyst Hydrangea

Imported cut flower variety from Holland.

Magical Amethyst gets its name from the one of the strongest
minerals found on the f ace of the earth, with good reason. Magical
Amethyst is an extremely robust garden hydrangea with a magnificent
colour. As with other varieties within the Magical series, the flowers of
the Amethyst change colour. You buy the pink or blue/purple globular
plant and within months the flowers change into a deep red colour.
Adene has got a few Amethyst Hydrangeas between her first batch of
hydrangeas ordered from Holland. She was so impressed with the
blooming performance of Amethyst that she ordered 100's more to
plant this season on the farm. Hardy plant and flowers, shooting out
an unbelievable amount of hydrangea flowers you cannot even see
leaves, it is just flowers everywhere.
Strong, straight stems and beautiful heads.

14cm Pot

Flowering season: 150 days

Planting time: Spring is the best time but they can be planted year round.

Sun: Full shade or semi-shade however, early morning sun and late afternoon shade is best. 

Plant Spacing: 90cm apart

**Shipping from mid-August